Jocke and Mike Hultman


Jocke Hultman and Mike Hultman (Sweden)⠀⠀
HULTMAN FAMILY TATTOO, Härnösand & Falun, Sweden⠀⠀
Photo: 02-04-2017 at Nepal Tattoo Convention, Sandepa, Nepal⠀⠀⠀
Jocke: ‘It’s the first year that I bring my son with me to Nepal. He is working the saturday and I’m working on sunday, or we just drink some beers together.’⠀⠀
Mike: ‘I don’t like working on conventions, but my dad does so I join him now and then. It’s nice to experience it together.’

Maïka Zayagata (Canada)


Maïka Zayagata (Canada)
Tatouage Royal, Montreal, Canada and on the road

Photo: 02-04-2017 at Nepal Tattoo Convention, Sanepa, Nepal

‘Today is the final day of the convention and I just did a small piece so that I could finish early and enjoy some quality time to walk around and see everybody. I have a small holiday after this convention without tattooing. I’m really looking forward to that.’

Maria De Lluc (Spain)


Maria De Lluc (Spain)
Indice Barbershop Tattoo, Spain and on the road

Photo: 02-04-2016 at Nepal Tattoo Convention, Kathmandu, Nepal

‘I’ve learned so much from the last couple of years. Traveling and seeing so many different artists at work is really interesting. While working in Mexico I had to prepare working spaces for so many different artists, so I got to see all the different ways people work and found my own way as a tattoo artist.’

Per-Erik Dahlman (Norway)⠀


Per-Erik Dahlman (Norway)⠀
Lucky 7 Tattoos, Oslo, Norway⠀

Photo: 23-10-2015 at Oslo Rock City Jamboree, Oslo, Norway.⠀

‘ I stopped going to big conventions a long time ago. I prefer it to be small and more personal. Like a gathering with some good artists, music, food. Where you can learn from each other and grow as a person and artist.’⠀

Olaf Graichen (Germany)

olafgraichenGermany.jpgOlaf Graichen (Germany)
Hautdesign Tattoo, Langenhagen, Germany

Photo: 23-04-2016, Frankfurt Tattoo Convention, Frankfurt, Germany.

‘After this convention we go to the Luxembourg Convention. That one had such a good vibe last year. Really happy to go on the road again and meet friends everywhere.’